Please send service orders to:
Jahnstraße 32 a
69120 Heidelberg
Telephone: 06221 – 47 13 11

Sharpening service is a matter of trust!
We sharpen your scissors by hand – without machines – according to Japanese tradition.
A minimum of material is removed with the finest sandpaper (only available in Japan) on glass blocks.
140 / 5000 Übersetzungsergebnisse The scissors can therefore be sharpened much more often than with machines, and life time increases.
The blades cannot be heated up, which is often the case with conventional machine sharpening. This means that the structure of the material is retained and the scissors remain sharp for longer.

An art that only a few have mastered is part of our everyday life and is used with every pair of scissors: the new grinding of the bevel (cutting edge) on the inside of the blades. This means that the sharpened scissors run as smoothly and quietly as new ones.
Of course, dismantling and cleaning, setting the optimal pressure point and replacing parts are part of our service; as well as straightening warped blades should the scissors be fallen down.

Scissors that you entrust to our service department will be processed immediately and returned to you immediately.